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Playing Aviator casino game at Crypto Vegas you can choose from many currencies, all of which are converted to USD at the current exchange rate. In short, you can play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

The demo mode of Aviator

The Aviator game has two game modes: fun mode and real money mode. To earn money and not virtual tokens, go to the real mode. However, if you want, you can first test your skills in demo mode. In demo or fun mode, you can place imaginary bets.

This way you can get used to the interface before playing in real money mode, and even think about strategies to increase your chances of winning in real money mode!

Aviator casino game features

Aviator game, developed by the provider Spribe, is a simple, entertaining, and very exciting game.

The game interface is divided into three parts:

  • In the central part, there is a small airplane. It takes off and quickly gains altitude. The higher it flies, the more the bet multiplier increases.
  • Below this feature is your cockpit, the place where you manage your own missions: From there you'll interact with the game.
  • On the left, you'll see the avatars of the other players participating in the game and the moment when each one takes off his bet. You'll also find the history of your winnings and the biggest wins of all players.

At the top, you'll find the history of the multipliers of the last rounds. You'll also have access to a game guide, your wallet, the game settings, and the live chat.

The game is animated and has its own soundtrack.

The rules of the Aviator game

The game is based on your greed! The longer you wait, the more the plane gains altitude and the more the multiplier grows. The growth of the multiplier is exponential: slow at the beginning, it grows very fast once it exceeds x5.

The highlight of Spribe's Aviator is that the plane leaves the screen at a completely undetermined moment and the multiplier freezes. Players must retreat before this moment if they want to pocket their bet. This then marks the end of the round. A few moments later, a new round begins, giving players time to select their new bets. And so on!

Each round only lasts a few seconds. Sometimes even less! You need to trust your intuition and withdraw your winnings before it's too late. If you withdraw too early, your multiplier will be lower than the one you would have gotten if you had waited longer. On the other hand, if you take off before the end of the round, the plane will disappear and your bet will fly away.

This is all a matter of luck!

How to Play the Casino Aviator Game

Before the start of each round, place the bet of your choice. You can place two bets at the same time. When the plane has taken off, click the "Bet" button again to withdraw your winnings. Having two buttons available for betting allows you to reduce the risk of losing.

Your winnings are your starting bet, increased by the multiplier at which you stopped your bet. However, if the plane takes off before you have taken off your winnings, your bet is lost!

For example, if you bet $100 on x2, the two possible outcomes are:

  1. A win of $200 if the plane reaches or exceeds x2.
  2. A loss of $100 if the plane takes off before x2

There is also an option to have your winnings paid out automatically once you reach a certain level, instead of waiting and clicking manually.

In Spribe's Aviator, you can bet between $0.1 and $100 per spin. The maximum payout for a single bet is $10,000. Aviator has a theoretical RTP of 97%.

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