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    • Dragon Tiger
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    The name baccarat comes from the Italian word ‘baccara’, meaning zero, and has been enjoyed ever since the 15th century. Once you’ve played a few hands, you’ll quickly see why the game has remained popular for hundreds of years.

    Baccarat requires no special skills or strategies since it is based entirely on luck. As such, you can quickly learn to play baccarat with bitcoin and enjoy fast-paced excitement with the chance to win big.

    How to play at a baccarat crypto casino

    Here at Crypto.vegas, our job is to make your life as easy and fun as possible – this includes playing bitcoin online baccarat. The first thing to do is create a new account with us, deposit a suitable amount of crypto to gamble with, and find a baccarat table you like.

    There are plenty to choose from, including gorgeously designed video formats as well as baccarat live bitcoin with real dealers. In moments, you will be sampling the pacey delights baccarat is famous for!

    The rules of bitcoin baccarat

    One reason why the European upper class and secret agent James Bond chose baccarat is because the rules are simple. One thing that might seem strange at first is that no matter how many people play baccarat games with bitcoin at the table, only two hands are dealt. One is for the dealer; the other is for the players. Now, you have three betting options -

    • Bet on the dealer’s hand to win.
    • Bet on the players’ hand to win.
    • Bet on there being a tie.

    The hand that wins is the one that scores nine points, or as close to nine as possible. Cards marked 2 to 9 are worth their face value, while all other cards are worth zero.

    Two cards are dealt, and if either scores 8 or nine, they are awarded a natural win. If a hand has 0 – 5 points, one more card is dealt. Any hand with a value greater than 9 only uses its second digit. So a hand made up of a 7 and an 8 is worth 5, rather than 15.

    Tips for baccarat bitcoin gambling

    In many ways, BTC baccarat is ideal for those new to online gambling. This is because the rules are straightforward, there are few betting options, yet the game is hugely exciting. At the same time, many experienced gamblers love baccarat for the same reasons, so you can find a real mix of players at any live baccarat BTC table.

    Over the years, many have tried to developer complicated techniques to beat the odds. Bear in mind, though, that no system has been designed to guarantee winning results.

    BTC baccarat should be treated as a thrilling activity rather than a money-making venture. The best thing to do is stick to your limits, have a blast at the baccarat table, and celebrate the wins when they come.


    Baccarat is hot right now and is a particularly beloved table game amongst Asian gamblers. This means crypto is flowing onto the baccarat table, and plenty of keen players are signing up to join in. If you want to be one of them, register with us and start playing crypto baccarat!