Biggest Bitcoin Casino Winners of All Time

08 Mar 2022, 09:03

Bitcoin continues working miracles. This cryptocurrency changes lives, opening the doors to the world of almost unlimited opportunities. Bitcoin Casinos allow players to make big money quickly.

The CryptoVegas team reminds us that investments depend on the purpose, whether you pursue the goal to get fast money or prefer to invert on the long-term perspective.

As for bitcoin, this option is incredibly beneficial in both cases. Independently of the market fluctuations, the price of this cryptocurrency shows a stable growing tendency.

The gambling community knows various examples of lucky bitcoin winners. The most excellent gambling wins happened not long ago. Since the price of this cryptocurrency increased over time. To be precise, it has risen and fallen sharply over its short history.

First, we want to share some statistics. Starting from zero when introduced in 2009, Bitcoin peaked at more than $63,000 in April 2021.

Let's have a look at the most impressive winnings and find out the secret of their success

  • The first significant win happened in Sept 2013. The player known as Nakowa received 11,000 Bitcoin, the equivalent of $102 million
  • Pioneering lucky user in Feb 2017 placed a bet of 0.1 BTC and succeeded in winning 259.74 BTC
  • 87 BTC in the Lightning Roulette. Just by placing a single bet, a player succeeded in winning. Nevertheless, a lucky winner spent all the fortune. That's why CryptoVegas continually publishes compelling handy content to enhance the community playing wisely
  • 23 BTC in the Lucky Coin slot game. The anonymous player converted the winning amount into fiat currency
  • 55 BTC in the True Sheriff slot game. In August 2013, the player known as Nickelj87 made a maximum qualifying bet and got a jackpot
  • 354.24 BTC or $1.35 million in Solomon Go. We encourage you to try this fantastic and intuitive game for players that enjoy hunting monsters or dedicated fans of Pokemon. You will not only be amused by the graphics and gameplay but surprised by the chance to win a considerable amount of money
  • 161 BTC in the Multifruit 81 slot game in 2019. This game cannot boast cutting-edge imposing design and instead seems classic. However, players are motivated by simple rules and a high chance of winning

Facts and success stories of the Bitcoin casino winners prove the secureness and transparency of the online casinos. Slot games players chose CryptoVegas due to quick and safe payouts, top-notch service, client support, and the widest selection of available games.

The golden rule is simple, the more players are involved in the game, the higher are winnings. Unlimited promo campaigns, permanent bonuses, and other perks for newbies and existing clients await slot game players on CryptoVegas. 

Remember, bitcoins allow gamblers to win impressive amounts of money by placing little bets.

Play now, start an adventure of becoming rich!