Why is Bitcoin Good for Online Gambling

18 Mar 2022, 08:32

Online gambling is trendy. More and more people worldwide keep an eye on trying it. The first online gambling public venue was the Liechtenstein International Lottery in October 1994. Nowadays, the turnover of the industry surpasses $40 billion.

Online casinos work in coherence with the legislation and at the same time offer almost complete anonymity. Crypto casinos like CryptoVegas allow players to use BTC and other cryptocurrencies to play on the platform.

The competitive advantage of online gambling consists of benefits for new players and registered gamblers with multiple bonuses, free spins, and other promos like lotteries and tournaments.

When it comes to cryptocurrency betting, gambling with Bitcoin shows a permanent upward tendency. In 2022 Bitcoin gambling roughly held a share of 80%, followed by Ethereum with an average 10% share.

Cryptomarket analysts agree that the importance of BTC in online gambling will remain at the same level or even increase in the future.

What are the reasons that convince players to use Bitcoin for online gambling


Considering that gambling is still illegal in many parts of the world, people must hide their hobbies to avoid social stigma. Most players play online casinos for fun, for getting extra money.

However, society considers gambling as an addiction. Online gambling offers the highest level of privacy, and cryptocurrencies make tracking players' transactions almost impossible due to blockchain technology.


Bitcoin proved to be a reliable currency for more than a decade. Its price continues surprising with strong permanent growth that makes Bitcoin a safe harbor for the investors.

As long as you keep your coins away from online wallets, protect your private keys with strong passwords, and keep most of your coins in cold storage, you’re probably not going to have to worry about someone stealing your money. Using Bitcoin in gambling is secure and easy.

Low transactions fees

Playing in online casinos using cryptocurrencies in general, and BTC in particular, makes players feel the difference. Bitcoin gamblers can fund their accounts or withdraw winnings instantly.

Fast and secure transactions, most of them get confirmed within minutes, while fiat payments sometimes take a day to confirm.


Using BTC for gambling saves your money. In addition to being faster than traditional online payments, bitcoin transaction fees are much cheaper than traditional bank transfers or credit card payments.

It’s a win-win option for both players and the casino. Gamblers keep more of their winnings when withdrawing, while the online casino saves money on credit card fees when players use bitcoin.

BTC is optimized for online gambling

Digital currencies are the perfect match for online gambling platforms. Bitcoin bets in CryptoVegas guarantee a higher level of privacy than bank credit cards, security, ease-of-use, and efficiency.

Bitcoin saves you from the inflation

It’s well-known that the number of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million. It means that the growing volume is predictable, unlike the fiat currencies. Investing in BTC guarantees additional profit from a short and long-term perspective.

CryptoVegas encourages players to try Bitcoin gambling and discover privileges of almost complete anonymity, fast transactions for deposits and withdrawals, and appreciate the transparency and control of all payments.